Temperament and Behaviour

The White Shepherd is a well developed and balanced animal with pronounced energy and purpose In life, it should have a regal appearance with a definite look of intelligence,- the over riding trait being his devotion to his master. Secondary sex characteristics should be well defined. The White Shepherd appears to be somewhat longer than tall, with smooth curves rather than hard angles. The White Shepherd has slightly sloping withers, strong back and well-bent hocks indicating speed and grace, while his face displays high intelligence, at all times avoiding extremes. This is a herding dog, and as such must have the agility, freedom of movement and endurance to do the work required of it.
Left: Beth Barkley met Czar en Sirius Center: Zeuss Magical Fantasy Right: Agility
TEMPERAMENT The White Shepherd has distinct personality marked by a direct fearless, but not hostile expression of self confidence. It should be poised, when the occasion demands, eager and alert. To his inherent aptitude as a guardian of flocks should be added protectiveness of the person and property of his master. In his relationship with humans, he should be observant and vigilant with strangers but not apprehensive. He should be fit and willing to serve in any capacity such as a companion, herding dog, watch dog or service dog. Faults of temperament are serious, timidity, shrinking behind handler, lack of confidence or any other display of poor character. Unprovoked aggression. Famous working dogs from the past:
Sheep herding - Sabrina Visser - Netherlands
Of the White Shepherd rescue dogs Panda - with his handler Beth Barklay - probably was the most famous of all. Beth started to train search and Rescue Dogs in the early ‘80th . She trained dogs for more than 30years. By an injury Sirius was going to retire pretty young and became a therapy Dog. With Czar Beth started in cadaver work, and this is where Czar excelles. He has been a top cadaver dog for quite a few years now, with many finds to his credit. He also settled down enough to become a Search and Rescue Dog. One of Czars more notable finds was during the Oklahoma Bombing disaster, where he helped find bodies. As for Czar, not only he was a remarkable rescue dog, but he was particularly skilled in finding and locating bodies. Finally with Fearghas Beth went to the ruins of the Pentagon after the attack of 9/11/2001 to search for the living and unfortunately also for the death. Fearghas passed the test to become a Cadaver Dog when he was just 14 months old. When the Terrorist attacked the USA and crashed a plane into the Pentagon. Beth and Fearghas was called to help in the search. Fearghas was not quite 2 years old, yet they successfully worked very well at the site for several days.
“LEXINGTON TWP - 2010 (Nieuwsblad - Michican) U.S. dog breeders may not prize white German shepherds, but they make excellent search and rescue dogs. Beth Barkley, now of Lexington Township, rescued, trained and handled them for 30 years in her native Virginia. Here she is shown with Fearghus, who assisted following the 9-11 attack on the Pentagon. “ Beth Barkley and a retired Hoofprint FinTan Fearghas in 2010
Kimberly (1989) Kimberly was a very good tracking dog, she had a very fine nose and she actively participated in the search & rescue team in the Netherlands with her handler Ruut Tilstra. Also her daughter Rebecca actively participated in the search & rescue team al over the world with with unmatchable perseverance and courage. Handler Gabi Gutknegt and Becky (Rebecca of Kimberly's Pride)
Zeuss Magical Fantasy has had a glittering career as a rescue dog together with his handler Anthony G Yarde (1999) and Hoofprint Fhantom Thor (1996) was the most fantastic rescue dog at the voluntary Fire corps of Fair Oaks; handler Blair Miller. Thor has passed his tests to become a Search and Rescue Dog with the Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company. Thor has had a few good finds to his credit and when the Terrorist crashed a plane into the Pentagon, Thor and Blair was asked to help out. They successfully worked at that site for several days. In Gernany there was the search and rescue Dog Uriah vom Werntal with his handler Marco Höhn. Austria and Switserland en Zwitserland had several White Shepherds who very well functioned as avalanche dogs. Increasingly, White Shepherds are used in tracing missing persons. Hoofprint Quasar (1988) Quasar is specially trained to assist Peter Zein a quadriplegic, in his every day living. He'll pick up any thing Peter drops, and will go and fetch him things on command. He is also trained to pull the wheel chair if Peter gets tired. Quasar goes to work with Peter everyday, and has made his life much easier. Peter says Quasar replaced my legs and my arms. Hoofprint A Ok Ouvae Oavae was specially trained as a hearing dog for Vincent. He was also Vincent's friend, they did lots of things together. Vincent entered him in the herding instinct trails, and they even got involved in the costume class.
Uriah vom Werntal
Hoofprint Quasar
Hoofprint A Ok Ouvae
Leadrer Dogs for the blind TENDERLUV’S BEAR1984 - TENDERLUV'S MADISON, 1984 - TENDERLUV'S BEN, 1984 - TENDERLUV'S COLONEL, 1985 These are 4 brothers that all graduated as leader dogs for the blind from the Canine Vision Canada. Three were littermate's and the forth was from a repeat breeding. Bear was used for demonstrations at the lions club center for a while. All were successfully matched up with their blind masters. gecertificeerd blindengeleidehond van Canine Vision Canada. Bear wordt enige tijd gebruikt als voorbeeldhond in het Lions Club Center. Ook drie van zijn nestgenoten hebben dezelfde opleiding met glans doorstaan. Remarkeble Zara van de Bernissehof, daughter of Erny Frans en Inca of Kimbery’s Pride, Netherlands.
Tenderluv Bear - Canada
Owen - Frankrijk
Remarkeble Zara van de Bernissehof Nederland
Police Dogs Prince was 11 months old when he was tested for his ability to be a police dog. At first they were very disappointed that Prince was white and they weren't going to accept him. They decided that since he had been offered to them, they should at least test him. Well he made such a good impression that they accepted him to be included in the first group of 4 dogs to be trained for the London Ontario Police Force. He passed with flying colors. He was the lifetime partner of Rick Frackrell. He was also given Sargent bars, when Rick was promoted to Sargent. He was pictured many time in the newspapers, when he had helped solve another crime. He was credited with over 200 arrests and he was still working at the time of his death due to liver failure at 11 years of age. Hoofprint Harley Milizzo (1995) Harley is a trained drug detection dog. He has just recently graduated, handler Sly Acosta from the Buffalo Police Departement. Niko Beltrano was trained to search airplanes and other places for illegal substances. In Australia they have June (1963) and Rip (1974). handler Mr. Gatsby. Both dogs served as securety dogs at the RAAF (Army and Airforce). VE-LINS KAISER THE ROLE Graduated K 9 school 6/15/90 , Competed Explosive Detection Training 11/16/90, USPCA-P.D.I. 1992 to 1997. NAPWDA certified, explosive Detection Team, "The Bomb Squad" with lifetime partner P.O. Ed Meyers. Conan retired from active service with the Metropolitan P.D. St. Louis MO. in May 1998. HOOFPRINT PACER was sold to Gunner Johannessen in Denmark. At the age of 8 years Pacer was teamed up with the Danish Military and Lance Corporal Michael Johansen at the age of 9 Pacer and Michael Johansen teamed up with fellow officer Sergeant Anders Borg and his German Shepherd Bruno, to competed with 100 other military competitors from Seven Countries, to win the World Championship for "International Canine Biathlon".
Prince (1971-1983)
Ve-Lin's K9 Conan
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