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At those pages you find everything concerning the White Shepherd Breed. Everything you always wanted to know. From the very first beginning in 1882, when Greif was showing in Hannover (Germany), until today. With the separaration of the breed between the White German Shepherd Dog and the White Swiss Shepherd Dog the problems only got worse for both breeds. What the future will bring we don’t know… But the history of both breeds will remain the same forever through their commun ancestors. The separation is just a question of registration; it doesn’t change their family roots. Will they ever been reunite again with a same registration all over the world? We hope you enjoy your visit in our Library.
Origin of the breed More history coming soon The WGS in England (translation soon) The White Swiss Shepherd Dog (translation soon) The genetics of coat color Letters from 1961 to 1973 Artcle from 1973
 FCI Standard  (Europe) WSCC Standard (Canada) AWSA Standard  (America) The Genetics of Coat Color Auteur and ©: Michael Handley Read more... White Shepherd Genetics AWSA:American White Shepherd Association: Health and Genetics Report. Read more..


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The White Shepherd has distinct personality marked by a direct fearless, but not hostile expression of self confidence. Read more

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