Legende namen - Arthurian Legend names


Bijzondere hondennamen

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Namen van ridders en helden - Mystic names Rohan: Rohan is mystic knight of the fire. His weapon is the Sword of Kells. His quote is "Fire within me." Angus: Angus is Rohans best friend and mystic knight of the earth. His weapon is the Terra Sling Mace. His quote is "Terra beneath me" Ivar: Prince and mystic knight of the water. His weapon is the Barbed Trident. His quote is "water around me" Garrett: Prince and mystic knight of the woods. His weapon is the Twin Timber Axes and his quote is "woods before me" Deirdre: Princess and mystic knight of the air. Her weapon is the Whirlwind Crossbow and her quote is "Air above me" Meer namen - More mystic names: Torc: General Rath Kohan: the iIce Lord of Temra Sonarus Skye: the Lightning Bat of Temra Forgal Mac Roig: the Sea Serpent of Temra Bane Morfane: the Rock Wolf of Temra Lugad: Strong Warrior Nemain: King Conchobar: King Fin Varra: King Cathbad: Adviser with magic forces Maeve: Queen and mother of Rohan Mider: Witch Aideen: Fay and friend of the mistic knights Malik Fin Tan: White Knight and Warrior Meallan Divya: Lightening Diva and princess Mohana Cailin: Good and charming witch Morgan le Fay: Goddess of the seas Morgaine Avalon: Goddes of the mists Midra Ashwina: Princess of the Stars Maldwin Connor: Good friend and protector of the wolves Mac Con Fearghus: Strong son of Wolve Makoy  Fionn: Mystic White Wolvechild