The photo’s are not always of a good quality, but they are very interesting. Thankfully to everybody who did send me all those beautiful photographs and particularly to Joanne Chanyi and Robin Pearce for sharing their pictures and their knowledge.
Marguerita Munnikluyson with her dog “Faust” - WS-Show 1927.
Origin unknown
The Dog Fancier Canadian magazine December 1927
Mr. Calder and his dog for the blinds Phantom - Tail-Wagger Februari 1943
Calendar January 1948
Circus in Paris - 1930
Geraldine Rockefeller 1923
Rin Tin Tin
Rin Tin Tin & Joanne
White shepherds in the movies
2 sons of Rin Tin Tin IV
Old Gene Kelly dancing
Kelly and Me
Dorothy Criders White Shadow 1955
Dorothy Crider met Chinook
Kirby Grant, GloriaTalbott and Bill Phipps Chinook the Wonderdog in Northern Patrol195
Chinook 8 years old
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Hoofprint Midnight - Photo Joanne Chanyi
Harvey Bidlestiff Offner
Origin unknown

Blast from the past: 2

Photographes from many years ago. Sometimes forgotten and often from 'author unknown'
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