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Precious Phoebe of Kimberly's Pride
HD: A NBG 40 ED: Vrij MDR1 +/+ Eyes: Free
Born: 25/02/2010 Sire: Crystal Moon's Justa' Magic Breeze Dam: Krystal Blue Ice of Kimberly's Pride
Q-Be Cute of Kimberly's Pride Born: 16/09/2010 Sire: Maldwin Connor of Kimberly's Pride Dam: Hoofprint Sparklin' Safiya
HD: A Nbg 40 ED: 0 / Vrij MDR1 +/+ DM: Normal / Free
Twist of Faith SheRa: Born: 02/05/2014 Sire: Eljayno from Wihehokewa
Dam: QB Cute of Kimberly's Pride
HD: HD A Nbg 36 ED: MDR1 +/+ DM:
Krystal Bue Ice of Kimberly’s Pride Born: 02-02-2005 HD A - NBG 38 - ED 0 - MDR1 +/+ Sire: Tumbledowns Macho Dame: Numa June the Lovely White Shepherd
Hoofprint Sparklin' Safiya Born: 19-01-2006 Sire: Sandhill's Jake Dam: Hoofprint Brenna's Blaze Breeder: Joanne Chanyi NHSB:G-0-2638219 HD A - ED 0 - MDR1 +/+
Rising Sun Abigail
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