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De Witte Herder: Uit de schaduw in het licht. Ruut Tilstra 2003 Netherlands
Hoofprint through the years Joanne Chanyi This is a breeder’s story about all of the Hoofprint White Shepherd dogs and ancestors in words and pictures. A lifetime struggle to achieve recognition and survival for the future of this majestic breed. White Shepherds have been rejected and misunderstood over the years, just because of coat colour. The never ending search to breed a sound and healthy dog and the battle to win over diseases like HD and ED. It also is a story of friendship between breeders across the continents, but first of all it is the story of one breeders own dogs, founding her own line of White Shepherds that have been used in the foundation of the White Shepherd Breed all over the world
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Hardcover: July 2011 155 pages Full colour ± 500 photographes English
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VERLIEFD op Mevrouw de Wit Ton Verlind schreef een boek over zijn hond Lumi: Verliefd op Mevrouw de Wit Het is een boek over hondenopvoeding, vriendschap, trouw en de perfecte partner. To order from:
Collection items:
The Invincible White Shepherd Dr. Peter Lorenz Neufeld, Glendosa Reasearch Center, Minnedosa, Canada. (1970)
The White German Shepherd Book Paul D. Strang, Stephen A. Berman and M. Eileen Hiltrop. (1983)
De Amerikaans-Canadese Witte Herder Ruut Tilstra Nederland 1995
White Shepherd (Comprehensive Owner's Guide) Jean Reeves and Diana L. Updike June 17, 2008 English
White Shepherd Annual (Hoflin Publishing)
Der Weisse Schäferhund. Klaus Hinrichen
Der Weisse Schäferhund. Evelyn Major-Briditte Toll
Der Berger Blanc Suisse Gabi Frei Dora (2006)
Le Berger Blanc Marie-Paule & Daniel Moulin
A la decouverte du Berger Blanc Americain Benedicte Michoux et Daniel Jumentier.
Weisse Schäferhunde. Gabi und Peter von Dollen, Monika Bender
Snowy & Co Roman: John Paling William Collins Sons & Co Ltd, Glasgow - ISBN 0 00 216872 3
Polly Roman: Brian Plummer Mc.Carthy & Bassett / 1999 IBSN 1902 481046 
De Witte Herdershond Roman: Vicky Hearne
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