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Born 1908, "Stephanitz: Der DSH in Word und Bild, 1909". Son of Aribert v. Grafrath - © Brigitte Toll
Lotte von Burg Elz. Geboren: 25-02-1913.
V: Horst Von Boll (1909) - M: Lotte von Garbenheim (1911)
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Hoofprint Gust of Wind: © Marion Lopizzo
On October 16, 1968 the first K-9 Unit was approved on a trial basis for the Saskatoon Police Service. Less than a year later, Chief James Kettles deemed the pilot project to be a success and recommended the Police Commission approve the expansion of the Unit. It wasn't until 1970 that a second handler was added but only on a part-time basis. The first dog was a white German Shepherd (a rarity and actually thought to be a genetic flaw) named Tonka. His han-dler, Sgt. Vern A. Passet was a veteran of the Korean War and was the first Aboriginal officer hired with the SPS in 1952.
White German Shepherds in the Saskatoon Police Service Source WSSC (White Shepherd Club of Canada), submitted by Marilyn Buttery.
Boots My parents had the first White German Shepherd in Canada. Two articles were written about “Boots” in our local paper, The Hamilton Spectator. The first article was in the Spectator in 1952. The second article was about her and her pups and was published by the Spectator late in 1953. I’ve included a photo of me at the piano that was taken in 1957 and the other one is of me in 1960. SourcevWSSC (White Shepherd Club of Canada), submitted by Ron Floren
September 1952: WINNERS IN OBEDIENCE TEST Two German shepherds, Val and Boots, took top prizes in the kennel club obedience trials last evening. Left to right are: Dr. S.A. Floren with Boots, second prize winner Mrs, Mary Southcoat, judge and Robert Walker with Val, first prize winner.
Ron Floren & Boots 1957
Ron Floren & Boots 1960
Late 1953: WHITE ALSATIANS DOG - WORLD CURIOSITY - Boots, a white Alsatian who came of Grafmar stock, was mated recently with another registered white Alsatian and has delivered a litter of five white puppies. Prominent breeders have been visiting at the home of Boots’ master, Dr. S.A. Floren, and while the white Alsatian has been an exceptional one, they believe a new strain may now be developed. The Alsatian, or German Shepherd, is often referred to incorrectly as the police dog.
Submitted by Joanne Chanyi, Ruut Tilstra
Bob Hope and his wife Dolores with their White Shepherds Snow Job Jr and Snowel.
Robert of St John (1923) Copyright: R. Pearce
Copyright R Pearce
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