We are Ruut and Peter Kocx-Tilstra. Together with our dogs we live in Arnhem, in the Netherlands. We own White Shepherds since 1989 and sometimes we have a litter. With this website we like to introduce our dogs : Blue, Safiya, Phoebe, Q-Be, Abigail and our sunshine She-Ra. Wit our website we like to give you a clear view of our breed: The White Swiss Shepherd Dog. All information about the breed you will find in the White Shepherd Library In this Web you will find everything concerning the White Shepherd Breed. From the very beginning in 1882, when Greif was presented in the Hannover Dog Show (Germany), until today with the separaration of the breed between the White German Shepherd Dog and the White Swiss Shepherd Dog. The first dogs of this “new” breed were imported into Switzerland in the early 70th. The American male “Lobo”, whelped on 5th March 1966, can be considered as the progenitor of the breed in Switzerland. The descendants of that male registered with the Swiss Stud Book (LOS) and other white shepherd dogs imported from USA and Canada, gradually multiplied. Today we have a big number of White Swiss Shepherd Dogs, pure-bred, over several generations, distributed throughout Europe. For that reason, since June 1991, these dogs have been registered as a new breed with the appendix of the Swiss Stud Book (LOS).
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